Lindal Blue Tits



The NEWSFlash emails will keep you informed of significant events as they happen  - for example, the start of the nest being built, first egg laid, a chick being born. You can then look at the website for more information.

NEWSFlash emails will only be sent when something of interest is happening, so out of season they will be weeks or even months apart. When there is great activity in the nest mailings could be every few days.

Signing up only requires an email address. No other information is requested. However, it is essential that any junior blue tit watcher asks for permission first.

An acknowledgement email will be sent requesting that you confirm your subscription. If this email does not arrive in your Inbox then please check your Spam or Junk folder and the mark address as ‘not junk’ or 'safe sender' as required.

All NEWSFlash emails will include an Unsubscribe link should you wish to cancel further messages.

Sign up for emails HERE but if you are a junior blue tit watcher please ask for permission first.

Your email address will only be used for the NEWSFlash messages and will NEVER be passed on to a third party.
All data is stored in a password protected database on the servers of, the website hosting company.

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