Lindal Blue Tits

A few answers to your questions.




Explanation of STREAMING
The Streaming service is limited to 10 users at a time and a maximum usage per day. PLEASE close the page when you have finished to allow others to use the service.
The ‘View Full Motion Video” link allows better quality but will usually only work on PCs (requires Flash).


Why use YOUTUBE?
YOUTUBE storage is free with unlimited bandwidth. But mainly it means the videos are compatible with more devices eg Smartphones and Tablets.


Why does the image not change?
There can be a number of reasons. The most likely is nothing is happening in the nest! For most of the year the monitoring computer is off from 9pm till 5.30am and it has been known to crash.
While there is activity in the nest an image is grabbed every 10 seconds and uploaded to the website.  


Why are the images of the blue tits black and white?
The camera will give colour images if there is enough daylight otherwise it works by using infra red light. This is invisible to the birds and doesn’t disturb them but gives monochrome pictures.
In dull light there will be a lot of speckly colour noise. It’s a ‘feature’ of the camera - sorry.


I can’t view the Archive videos?
The videos are WMV standard (Windows Media Video). They are playable by Windows Media Player.
SMARTPHONES and TABLETS etc may need appropriate App installing. Search the APP store for wmv player. Several free ones are available.


Some pages still refer to a previous season.
This is a problem, yet to be solved, of the browser cache. There’s a simple solution: press CTRL + f5.
That key combination forces a reload of the page. Sorry you’ve had the problem.


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