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The nesting box is in Lindal-in-Furness in Cumbria. The exact location is being kept secret to avoid any disturbance to the tits and for security reasons.
It is mounted on a north-facing wall under the eaves of a garage and has had birds nesting in it most years.

BirdBox2012The box is a purpose-built one. The high sloping roof allows the camera to be mounted as high up as possible. Below the camera mounting bolt can be seen one of two  translucent windows which allow a small amount of daylight to enter.
Click here for details of the box construction.

The camera was bought from (Reference KTC006)
It is a miniature, high resolution colour CCD camera with infra-red LEDs to illuminate the nest when there is insufficient daylight. Infra-red is invisible to the birds so they are not aware of the camera or lights.

A 20 metre cable carries power out to the camera and the audio and video signals back to the house.
It is connected to an EZcap 116 Video Capture module ( which is plugged into the USB port of a laptop.

The monitoring software is Motion Capture (Py Software) bought from It uploads a still image to the website every minute.
It also has motion sensing that allows videos to be recorded every time there is activity in the nest. It is set to record the 320 bycamera2012 240 pixel image at 25 frames per second. The files are encoded as WMV8 files with Variable Bit Rate then processed by YouTube when stored there.

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