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Sun 3rd June

The sad news is that the nest was abandoned on Friday 1st June and none of the chicks has survived.

The story of the end is below.

There is enough video evidence to be able to tell what happened during the last few days of the nest, although some of it is guesswork.

On the morning of Sun 27th May, the two adults were seen together feeding the chicks. Since that time the two adults were never again seen at the same time. It is possible that both adults were still feeding the chicks but by Weds 30th the rate of feeding appeared to have slowed down and there were times when a blue tit would come in with very little food
It was pretty clear that one of the adults was no longer around and the remaining bird was struggling to keep up. What happened to the other blue tit would be a pure guess.

By Thurs 31st the remaining adult was getting very weary and even tried to have a sleep at 4pm in the afternoon.
And by half past five the chicks were showing signs of weakness. When food was offered they were not reacting as usual.

That night, around 9 o’clock, the adult looked as though it was settling for the night, sitting on the 2 remaining chicks but 15 mins later became active again, leaving the nest occasionally but returning with no food each time. 
Finally, the adult blue tit left the nest at 9.25pm and didn't return that night. It was, by that time, getting dark and it is possible the bird just couldn't get back to the nest.
At midnight there was still some movement from the chicks but, even though the night wasn't that cold, they couldn't survive.

The adult blue tit had obviously spent the night somewhere else because just after 5 o'clock in the morning of Fri 1st June, it returned to try to feed the chicks - but it was too late. There was no reaction from them. Soon after, the nest was abandoned altogether.

A page of videos has been added showing the events of the last few days in the nest.
They show how sad and cruel nature can be.
Be aware, some people could find the last few videos upsetting and if you are young, please check with an adult before viewing these videos.

Click here if you are sure you want to see them.

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